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June 15, 2012 by jamesessj

The fourth episode of Bad Dates — called “The Good Date” — is now up at The Many Videos of James E. Sarver.  Interesting, it was, to return to Bad Dates after the extended four-episode Price-of-Tea-in-China hiatus…one thing I’ve realized is that there is a certain branding that goes on with these videos, and me-as-me, as I appear in Bad Dates, is a very different brand from me-as-whoever, in Price of Tea.  (Even if me-as-me is of course not really me-as-me.  I’ve never picked up a male prostitute on Polk Street or California.)*  In Bad Dates there’s a kind of sympatico that’s established between the viewer and “James” — because we’ve all been on bad dates, no matter that very few of them have been with pieces of sentient fruit.  In Tea, however, there’s no central character to whom to relate…it’s just sketch comedy, without (so far, at least) even a recurring character.**

A fascinating dynamic is involved.  Almost everyone who’s watched both series*** prefers Bad Dates.  I can only chalk this up to that aforementioned sympatico, because I surely don’t believe that the comedic content of Tea is any less worthy than that of Dates.  In fact I’d argue Tea is superior…but, as the cliché goes, who knows why the public likes what it likes.

Journeys with Jamesey (which it now appears may not be done anytime soon, if ever) would be a middle ground between the two…an extended sketch, but with the same featured characters.  Basically a short film.  Not sure how long it would wind up being — my guess is around 40-50 minutes, over four episodes, but that estimate could be wildly mistaken.  The short bits that have been completed lead me to suspect it might be more along the lines of 60-70 minutes.  Almost enough to qualify as a feature film!  Keep your fingers crossed that Jamesey may, one day, happen — Lord knows I’d love to do it.

(Jamesey will be making an appearance in the next Price of Tea, incidentally, with a pseudo-update of his own.)

One other piece of recent news:  in late April I went down to L.A. to be a contestant on Internet Icon, the new Youtube-only reality show about, yes, making Youtube videos.  I was shocked I was chosen, given that my submission video was put together in less than two days, but that is part of the story I will expand upon at a later date, once certain episodes have aired.  You can see the first episode, in which I actually appear, briefly, smart-alecing my way through a stupid answer to a formulaic question, here:  Internet Icon Episode 1.  And the second episode is up, as well:  Internet Icon Episode 2.  They post every Tuesday & Thursday.

All right…that’s it from me, for now.  Cereal Serial will continue, promise, but between filming and writing other stuff, I can’t say precisely when.  Hope all’s well in your world.

* I just walk by and they pick me up.

** This will, soon, change.

*** Although, please understand, this is maybe a dozen people.  I have all the audience of a tree falling in the forest.


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