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May 27, 2012 by jamesessj

Someone will have to explain this to me.

I’m editing the footage for the latest video and in one section there was video that I recorded along with audio, obviously, recorded at the same time.  In other words, the audio and video were attached as part of one unified clip.  Well, the video wasn’t what I wanted, so I re-recorded it.  Then I inserted it into the timeline in the editing software (Studio…yes, I know).

Lo and behold, the new video was there with the old audio.  In the same clip.  As if I’d re-recorded the audio at the same time as the video, which I…know…I did not.

How is this even technologically possible?  It isn’t, is the answer.  So either I’ve got gremlins, or…I’ve got ghosts.

Or software has advanced to the point where it just knows what you’re looking for and serves it to you on a platter.

But…how the heck…?


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