Civility, Shmivility

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November 7, 2011 by jamesessj

It’s an article of faith, among conservatives, that the media is hopelessly biased.  Liberals accuse us of having a massive persecution complex, to which I say, rephrasing that old chestnut about paranoiacs, just because you have a persecution complex doesn’t mean you’re not actually being persecuted.

One statistic settles the argument.  Eighty percent of journalists vote Democratic.  Imagine a world where eighty percent of journalists voted Republican…imagine a world, my liberal friends, where eighty percent of the news is…Fox News.

Pretend, now, if you dare, that journalists’ personal political views don’t matter.  That they’re capable of objectivity.  You don’t believe this for a moment about Fox News — why do you imagine it to be true about every other news outlet?  Because liberal reporters are so much more rational, reasonable, so evolved?  Give me, as it were, a friggin’ break.

As Exhibit Number…Infinity, because there are pretty near infinite examples every gosh-darn day, I present:  Occupy Wall Street.  Have a look at almost any video from the recent protests.  Choose at random, take a true sampling.  However — and this is key — pay no attention to what the reporters might be saying.  Turn down the sound.  Look only at what the protesters are doing.

Now go back and do the same for the Tea Party protests from 2009/2010.

I ask you, which is the more civil group?

The Tea Party never destroyed cars, never smashed windows, never shut down businesses.  Never started fires, never rioted, never clashed with police.  Never inflicted a single casualty.

And yet, after Tuscon, were we not told that the Tea Party was responsible — directly responsible — for the incivility in our national discourse?

I wonder what would happen if, for instance, one of the Republican candidates were to be shot by some lone gunman.  Would the Occupiers be blamed?  Couldn’t you draw just as straight a line between some random gunman’s assault on a Republican candidate and Jared Loughner’s assault on Gabby Giffords?  Of course you couldn’t.  And no one would.  No one could possibly be that stupid.

Except a whole lot of people, including just about every Democrat, right up to and including President Obama, were precisely that stupid.  And who cheerled the entire affair?

Our wondrous media.

I get more discouraged, it seems, every day.  Politics is a terribly disheartening hobby.  At least, I tell myself, this isn’t the media universe of my youth, when just about the only correctives to the liberal spin were George Will on This Week and half the panel on The McLaughlin Group.  Bernie Goldberg said recently, with regard to this very topic, that the media types he knows are simply incapable of the self-analysis it would require to comprehend just how biased they truly are…which I suppose explains how they can be so biased in the first place.  Where’s the need to discover the truth when you already know what the truth is?

Eighty percent.  You think eighty percent of Pravda‘s staff voted Communist?


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