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August 30, 2010 by jamesessj

Can someone please explain to me how Christiane Amanpour got the job as host of This Week?  I’ve watched her first few weeks as host, and though she hasn’t been horrible, she’s just been so…blah.  She brings so little to the table — though now that they’ve turned the roundtable into some sort of kidneytable, there’s little enough room for things to be brought to — that I can’t imagine what it was about her that made ABC think, Hey!  She’s our gal!

Jake Tapper was doing a fine job.  His bias would show from time to time, but everyone’s does — certainly Stephanopoulos’ did.  And Tapper brought a certain wit and slyness to the program, an edge that (generally speaking) cut both ways.  Amanpour brings…what?  Overseas contacts, I suppose, but the program’s not called This Week Over There.  Her knowledge of American politics appears to be limited to what she’s read in the Times and the Post, and she shows little enthusiasm for the topic — the topic that is, so far as I can tell, about 95% of the reason for the program’s existence.  Maybe the real question is, why did Amanpour want the job?

But the news departments of the Big Three are slowly dying, so, really, who cares.  Meet the Press is hosted by David Gregory, who’s such a lightweight he has to have a mooring line attached to his ankle.  Face the Nation is hosted by Bob Schieffer, an old-line newsman who’s long past his prime and is showing signs of a Dan Rather-like descent into…someplace better left unvisited.  And This Week…hosted by Christiane Amanpour…I’ll continue to watch, but only for George Will, who remains one of conservatism’s great intellects.

He’s been on the show since it began in 1981.  He may well be around for its end.


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