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November 22, 2009 by jamesessj

I’m gay.

And I’m a Republican.

Get used to it.

Actually I’m more of a conservative than a Republican, as the Republicans these days are something of a joke.  I understand their occasional pusillanimity, for I believe it’s primarily based on a phenomenon not unlike that I’ve experienced myself:  they get to D.C., are exposed to an extraordinarily liberal political, social, and media climate, and start to fear that the hype may be true…maybe Republicans are evil, after all…and so they start to bite their fingernails and worry that every little vote is going to be misrepresented as the final piece of smoking gun evidence that Republicans killed JFK, caused global warming (sorry, climate change), and were the masterminds behind Pearl Harbor, New Coke, and 9/11.

It’s, on a grander scale, the same phenomenon I deal with on a regular basis, living in and around San Francisco — telling another gay guy I’m a Republican receives roughly the same reaction as would telling him I’ve raped and murdered his pet Pomeranian.  The culture of the gay community is exclusively — not skewed in that direction, not overwhelmingly, but exclusively — liberal Democrat.  One strays from the herd at one’s own risk — just as, in D.C., when Republicans don’t play Democrat ball, they’re presented as extremists, nuts, haters of women and children, defilers of the environment, oppressors of the black man, etc.

But I have strayed from the herd, and enjoyed the straying immensely.  It’s fun to be the only person in the room who thinks Affirmative Action is an abomination.  Or that abortion ought not be used as a method of birth control.  Or that the Founding Fathers — who, after all, started an entire war over a tax on tea — would long ago have risen up in violent revolt against the all-encompassing behemoth that is the Federal government.  It’s fun to be the only one in the room.  It reminds me of family reunions, at which (so far as I know) I’m the sole representative of the homosexual contingent.

Yes, Republicans have a lousy record on gay rights — but Democrats have an even lousier record on those issues in which I consider government to have a legitimate role:  taxes, the military, foreign policy, the size of government.  Democrats seem to think that so long as they stay away from your sex life, they’ve earned the right to intrude in every other aspect of who you are — from the education of your children to the licensing of your business to the taxing of your earnings to, any day now, the fundamentals of your health care.

Well, excuse me, but I’d rather they just intruded into my sex life.  Especially if they’re cute.

All of this is to say that I’m not particularly welcome in either world — the supposedly tolerant and open-minded Castro community is as guilty of groupthink as the strictest of beehives, and most Republicans, chiefly for religious reasons, are never going to be entirely comfortable with a man who boinks other men.

Which leaves me…in-between.

This entire topic can’t be covered in a single post — or even dozens of posts — which is why I’ve tinkered with the idea of writing a book about it entitled Gay Republican — but I will occasionally descend (or devolve) into political commentary in this blog, and it’s only fair to warn you where I’m coming from.  I do love a good debate — the best of my friends have always been far to the left of me — and I look forward to being cursed out, ostracized, demonized, and pilloried.

It’ll feel like coming home.


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